We Cry Out
Jesus Culture
Released 2007
Recorded  ?
Length  ?
Label  ?
Produced by  ?
See also: Albums. Ibethel Itunes
We Cry Out is Jesus Culture's second CD and first DVD. It takes place in three different concerts. Bill Johnson is interviewed about Jesus culture as a Bonus Feature. It Features Kim Walker, Chris Quilala and Melissa Wise. Their 2007 album has ten songs:
  1. We Cry Out - Kim Walker
  2. Your Love Is Everything - Chris Quilala
  3. Rain Down - Melissa Wise
  4. I Adore You - Chris Quilala
  5. See His Love - KIm Walker
  6. My Romance - Melissa Wise
  7. How He Loves - Kim Walker
  8. Fire Fall Down - Chris Quilala
  9. All I Need Is You - Kim Walker
  10. The Time Has Come - Melissa Wise


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