Those Who Dream
Those Who Dream
Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
Released 2008
Recorded  ?
Length  ?
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Those Who Dream is Kristene Mueller-Dimarco's first album and her only solo album. it was released in 2008. Kristene wrote the songs in her new album, Those Who Dream, while she was living in San Francisco, CA. Those Who Dream reflects the deep love and hope that she developed for San Francisco as she connected with God’s heart for the city in spite of the city’s current desperation. Everyone who hears Those Who Dream will have their faith strengthened and will connect more deeply with the merciful heart of God for His people. It has 10 songs:

  1. Trust - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  2. Redemption - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  3. St. Francis - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  4. Mercy - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  5. Jamie's Song - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  6. Those Who Dream - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  7. All My Devotion - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  8. Praise The Lord - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  9. Amazing Grace - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco
  10. Homeward Bound - Kristene Mueller-Dimarco

“Kristene is like a daughter to me. What Joan Baez was in the 60's, Kristene's sweet and deeply devotional ballads will move your heart to heaven and your hope to earth.” - Lou Engle

“I believe with all of my heart that God is going to launch Kristene to the nations of the earth and use her life and worship to impact the church and world. Her worship is fresh, anointed, and deeply moving.” - Banning Liebscher

“Kristene is an amazing songwriter as well as a pure worshiper. Her songs are breath and life right from heaven. “ -Beni Johnson