Freedom Calling

The Cover of Freedom calling

Freedom Calling is Jake Hamilton's second full-length album release with Jesus Culture Music. This CD/DVD combo features the no-frills, intense worship from Jake Hamilton with footage of three songs from the live recording at Jesus Culture Atlanta and also a 30-minute ‘in-depth’ feature that takes you behind the scenes of Jake’s life, music, and ministry. IT Features 10 Brand New Jake-Written Tracks as well as a version of Leonard Cohen's classic 'Hallelujah'.
  1. War Drums
  2. New Song (Worshipping Warriors Arise)
  3. Supernatural Revolution
  4. You
  5. Take It All
  6. It's a Garden
  7. Looking for One
  8. Breakout
  9. Freedom Calling
  10. Darkest Before the Dawn
  11. Hallelujah

“I long to give the Body of Christ a language for reformation and revival through melodies that will be carried on for generations.” -Jake Hamilton