Jesus Culture Everything
Jesus Culture
Released 2006
Recorded Encounter 2006 Youth and Young Adult Conference at Bethel Church in Redding, CA
Length  ?
Label JESUS CULTURE MUSIC, Elevation (UK & Europe)
Produced by Banning Liebscher and Brian Johnson
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Everything is Jesus Culture's first album and comes with just a CD. It features Chris Quilala, Kim Walker and Melissa Wise. Everything has 15 tracks, including three prayers, a reprise a preach by Banning Liebscher. It includes the following tracks:
  1. Oh, How We Want You to Come - Kim Walker
  2. You - Kim Walker
  3. Prayer
  4. I Was Made to Worship You - Chris Quilala
  5. Shining - Melissa Wise
  6. Prayer
  7. Hungry - Chris Quilala
  8. Until The Day Breaks - Melissa Wise
  9. How Great is Our God - Melissa Wise
  10. Prayer
  11. Everything - Chris Quilala
  12. Dance - Kim Walker
  13. Spontaneous Song - Kim Walker
  14. Preach - Banning Liebscher
  15. You (Reprise) - Kim Walker & Banning Liebscher