Come Away
Jesus Culture
Released 2010
Recorded  ?
Length  ?
Produced by Banning Liebsher, Jeremy Edwardson
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"Our prayer is that this album will be more than just another release from the Jesus Culture Band, but it will release a sound that will capture the hearts of a generation who are looking for something more." - Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture Ministries

Jesus Culture's Come Away was recorded live at the Jesus Culture Redding Conference to a full house of passionate youth and young adults. It has 11 songs and only features Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala.

  1. Come Away - Chris Quilala
  2. Rooftops - Kim Walker-Smith
  3. You Are My Passion - Kim Walker-Smith
  4. Kingdom - Chris Quilala (Only on DVD)
  5. I Want To Know You - Chris Quilala
  6. My Soul Longs For You - Chris Quilala & Kim Walker-Smith
  7. Freedom Reigns - Kim Walker-Smith
  8. Let It Rain - Chris Quilala
  9. Mighty Breath of God - Chris Quilala
  10. Show Me Your Glory - Kim Walker-Smith
  11. One Thing Remains - Chris Quilala.